Bouldering in Joshua Tree

Bouldering in Joshua Tree
Ronnie 15 feet off deck on the classic White Rastafarian.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to catch up

Hey how's it going??  So I've been doing a lot of catching up in my life and this is just another area I need to take care of.  I've been wakeboarding and fishing a lot lately, it's been an awesome summer so far.  I usually get asked a lot of questions about the prosthetic I use for wakeboarding, questions like is it waterproof, is your wakeboard all set up for your prosthetic, or how much does it hurt your stump.  Well the prosthetic I use for wakeboarding is actually my regular walking leg.  It takes a lot of abuse.  It is waterproof because it's an airtight vacuum socket but my screws rust out because I'm too lazy to grab some stainless steal screws... someday.  The pain isn't so bad.  Sometimes I will bruise the back of my leg on impact but it's relative to the beating the rest of my body takes.  I learned early on that I couldn't use my carbon fiber renegade walking foot because it can't take the high impact and torque I put into it while riding.  Also super expensive to replace!  So I switched to a wooden foot and I can't tell a difference.  I have managed to break one of these too... I fell hard and ripped straight out of my binding.  Check it out-  It's amazing how much force you can put into your ankle.

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