Bouldering in Joshua Tree

Bouldering in Joshua Tree
Ronnie 15 feet off deck on the classic White Rastafarian.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gasparilla 5k!

Hey so the Gasparilla 5k was awesome!  Ronnie and I had been planning to run this 5k for months ahead of time.  So Ronnie armed with his prosthetic skills fabricated me a new running socket and set it up with his running foot.  Of course we put this off until last minute so I only had a week to train but there was no backing out.  The first night I got out to run I only made it a half a mile, but the day before the race I ran 3.1 miles so I knew I was in good shape.  I was a little worried before the race started but in my mind there was no stopping, no breaks.  So I'm standing there with Ronnie and Nick.  Nick is an awesome below the knee amputee runner who had just ran the Gasparilla 15k before jumping in on the 5k with me and Ronnie.     We start out and I'm feeling great.  Ya know a nice view of the bay and a little conversation.  I think it hit me around the two mile mark... I started thinking about the finish line.  It was pure survival at the two and a half.  Of course when Nick or Ronnie would ask me how I was holding up... it would be "ahh yeah doing awesome"...."never felt better"........Lies.  The finish line was surreal.  People were everywhere and medals were being awarded... I was headed straight for the Challenged Athletes booth.  I knew there was shade and water... maybe some fruit.  But it was the best case scenario for my first race,  I couldn't have chosen a better team to run it with.

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