Bouldering in Joshua Tree

Bouldering in Joshua Tree
Ronnie 15 feet off deck on the classic White Rastafarian.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gasparilla 2011 - Ronnie

 My first 5k Gasparilla 2008 running with girlfriend Amanda (In a C-leg, not a running leg)
I finished Gasparilla 2008 in about 38 minutes and was lucky to have the support of my family (The next year in 2009 with specialized running equipment I finished in 28 minutes)

Hey Guys, I am excited to make my first post on Drew and I's blog. I was really excited to run Drew's first 5k with him but Gasparilla also holds lots of memories for me because not only was it my first 5k but it was where I met the Challenged Athletes Foundation for the first time.

In 2007 it was about a year and a half after my amputation. I was a student at the University of South Florida and I was just kind of doing the whole college life thing without really being too deep into sport. My girlfriend is a runner and she was doing her first Marathon at Gasparilla 2007. To go support her I went along with her to the expo to pick up her race packet. As I was walking through the booths I noticed out of the corner of my eye a booth for a group called the Challenged Athletes Foundation. I went over and introduced myself and found out that they were a group that offered adaptive equipment and opportunities to athletes with disabilities to get back into sport. I had always wondered if I could run again, but never knew quite how to go about doing it.

 I guess you could say the rest is history. The next year at Gasparilla 2008 I ran my first 5k. I was really appreciative to have my girlfriend, Amanda, running with me by my side and I probably would not have made it without her. It is always nice to have somebody pushing you and helping you get your start.

I had been helping make Drew's legs for about a year and I knew he was ready to start running, so I guess I kind of talked him into it. It was really cool to run with him for his first 5k at the race that was my first 5k.

As an amputee its cool just to experiment around with a bunch of different things to find your niche, and while Drew may decide that running is not his favorite activity in the world, it is one more notch in his accomplishment belt.

The race was a blast this year, we got the chance to meet a phenomenal runner from up in Manhattan, Nick Roumanada. He started running almost two years ago as a BK and has not looked back since. I am sure he is going to do some really cool things in the future both in the half and full marathon's and really push some boundaries.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation had a great turnout of supporters who help us keep our organization doing what we do! Thanks to everybody who volunteered or donated money at the event!

Well thats all for now, things have been really exciting lately and I have lots of posts to catch up on before things are completely up to date!

Take it easy.

Life is 10% events, 90% your reaction. Live it to the Fullest.


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